Jean Monnet Conference

Dear participants in the 2015 Jean Monnet Conference,



While thanking you for your active participation in the event, we would like to inform you that the conference website is now available at

The website includes main conclusions and outcomes, speeches, lectures presentations and a few pictures. Also, you can now watch the video we announced at the conference, with some participants’ statements.

Please note that in the forthcoming weeks we will upload further related information material on this website, as well as on the Jean Monnet Online Platform . There, you will also find the contributions to the Call for Papers.


With best regards,

The Jean Monnet Team


European Commission

Directorate General Education and Culture

Directorate B – Modernisation of Education II: Education policy and programme, innovation, EIT and MSCA

Unit 4 – International cooperation in education and youth; Jean Monnet actions


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