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ICWiP2013 Debate Summer Academy

SIEN Student International Exchange Network Foundation in co-operation

with the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Pécs



By the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of the University of Pécs
As part of its  ”Borderless Europe”  programme, the centre intends to publish an  E-book during the
Spring of 2014.

The  publication  will  serve  two  purposes:  1.  to  offer  colleagues,  researchers,  PhD  students  the opportunity to publish articles which then will be provided with wide and free access with the help of  the  Internet;  2.  to  support  teaching  activities  in  the  fields  of  EU  studies,  integration  and international studies. The book will contain two major collections: one devoted to scholarly papers, academic  articles,  the  other  one  to  documents. It  will  be  published  on  DVD,  which  will  be distributed to fellow centres, libraries, EU institutions, university departments, and NGOs.
The academically reviewed book under the working title “Challenges of the European Union” will be edited by Ágnes Tuka, Andrea Schmidt and István Tarrósy.
With this call the editors invite papers  –  after carefully and thoroughly following and meeting  the Guidelines for authors, having been submitted to a spell check and prepared in proper English  –  in the following topics:

1. The European Union in the world: difficulties and challenges in the light of the global crisis

1.1 The EU as global actor
1.2 The successes and failures of neighbourhood policy: causes and solutions
1.3 New member states – Croatia, relations with old-new members

 2. Integration scenarios: from where to where?

2.1 Questions of economic governance
2.2 Evaluating institutional “developments” since the Treaty of Lisbon
2.3 Possibilities of serving the national interests of member states
2.4 “New” financial/budgetary priorities
2.5 About the place and assessment of policies (CAP, climate, social, labour, migration)

3. European culture = European identity, European citizens

3.1 Is the 21st century the era of the total failure of European identity?
3.2 The European Capital of Culture project and other pan-European initiatives
3.3 Cooperation in education, research and the competitiveness of the EU in these sectors

4. 2004-2014: the place, role and opportunities of new member states – assessment of 10 years

All papers must keep to the advertised deadline for submission: 2 December 2013 (Friday).

Papers are to be sent to: jean.monnet.pecs(@)gmail.com


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Агнесса ТУКА ( Laczkóné Dr. Tuka Ágnes): Европейский Союз и спорт


Доцент, (Habil. PhD) Кафедра политических наук Факультета Гуманитарных Наук Печского Университета Руководитель Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet of Pécs

Адрес: ул. Ifjúság 6. PÉCS H-7624

Контактные данные: +3672503600/24573; http://politologia.btk.pte.hu/

Образование:  1976 – историк Факультет: Исторический Университет: Московский государственный имени М.В.Ломоносова

Учёная степень: PhD (докторская) 2000.

Знание языков свободно владеть русским языком Французский: на среднем уровне.

Сюжет научных исследований: история и функционирование Европейского Союза

Публикации: 3 книг об Европейском Союзе, 35 статей

«Le problème de la gouvernance multipolaire et du déficit démocratique dans l’Union.» GLOBAL JEAN MONNET / ECSA-WORLD CONFERENCE 2010 “The European Union after the Treaty of Lisbon” Brüsszel 2010. http://ec.europa.eu/education/jean-monnet/doc/ecsa10/tuka_fr.pdf

«L’Europe sans frontières?»

In: „Borderless Europe challenges – opportunities”. Eds: Agnes Tuka – Istvan Tarrósy. IDResearch Ltd. Pécs, 2010. 9-11. ISBN 978-615-5001-25-3